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She believes "Eating is an art that needs practice. Once it's a habit it never leaves you !!!"

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We strive for the overall development of an individual by providing them a healthy mixture of adequate nutrition and healthy exercise.

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NUTRIGYAN ~ Get Fooducated.

Myth - Athletes/Gym goers/Sport players need a ton of protein.

Truth - Most individual feels they need tons of protein to build strength & muscle, right? Well, Not exactly. Most diets & regular meals if planned properly provides plenty of proteins. The real secret to boosting strength & muscle is to get enough calories, focus on intense training & get a carbohydrates & protein containing meals soon after an intense muscle workout. Special powder, bars & supplements need not apply always!

Myth - To lose weight you need to eat less & exercise more.

Truth - Your body needs three major nutrients to thrive: Carbohydrates protein & fats. Yes, fats as well! Genetics, hormones and all sorts of external factors have a huge effect on how you will lose weight. Eating less never works, instead Eating right will do the trick.

Myth - People suffering from Diabetes should never eat sweets.

Truth - Go ahead and enjoy a slice of your dessert now, even if you have diabetes. The key is moderation and portion control. According to the National Institutes of Health, restricting yourself too much may eventually lead to binge eating or overeating. Just be sure to limit other carbs like chapati/rice/bread/buns/pasta in your meal when you eat sweets to strike a safe balance.

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